OVS™ Technology


OVS™ (On line Video Surveillance) is an RVMaS (Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance) solution for Telecom/ & ISP providers, monitoring companies, and large integrators, as managed service providers (MSP). It’s a centrally hosted video monitoring solution designed for the mass market. The OVS™ platform intelligently stores and manages video content originating from IP and analog cameras, and efficiently delivers this content to multiple user devices, such as web browsers, mobile phones, and media sets, for  mass market usage.




OVS™ is based on a carrier-grade, centrally hosted video cluster, supporting innumerable concurrent users and scalable architecture that grows as the user base increases.

OVS™ provides operators with a complete managed video solution via internet. OVS™ enables them to penetrate the visual surveillance markets, and transform existing monitoring services to a managed monthly service. OVS™ virtually eliminates the costs of storing and analyzing video content, while assuring instant ROI (return on investment). It provides managed surveillance service, enabling operators to offer an enterprise solution at commodity pricing to their subscribers, at a fraction of the expense and time typical to mass market.

 These services include:

  • Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance for mass market
  • Video Streamed Content
  • Video-POS Solutions


OVS™ Capabilities & Features

OVS™ is a carrier-grade, VAS type, revolutionary IP-based video surveillance solution targeted the mass market. Our capabilities and features enable the providers to suggest a complete simple and convenient solution to their subscribers needs.

The OVS™ system is a fully manageable, reliable cluster platform with no single points of failure. OVS™ proprietary clustered storage volume technology eliminates the need for onsite video data storage hardware.
OVS™ architecture platform allows growing as the client base grows, by adding servers to solution cluster as needed.
OVS™ broadcasts the media in a variety of popular high-quality formats, such as MPEG-4, Microsoft Windows Media (WMV), Apple QuickTime (MOV) and Adobe Flash. High-Definition (HD) quality is natively supported, providing an optimal viewing experience to the customers. NeoVSP™ solution is accessible via any web browser, mobile phone, or PDA.
OVS™ video data content is located on a secure, scalable and reliable storage cluster platform. This platform stores video data content from unlimited sources, and allows remote access to multiple account profiles.
As a pure SaaS - RVMaS solution, there is no need for costly equipment on site. Surveillance and monitoring are transformed into on-line ongoing services, affordable for mass-market subscribers.