Video Surveillance as a Service (VSAAS), How does it work?

OVS™ Online Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) platform, enables seamless and easy to use video security services; 

[1] On site an Plag & Play (PNP) IP camera with an Internet connection. (No need for server installation or DVR/NVR box on site at the customer's end point)
[2] OVS™'s Central monitoring information center; Data Center (a server cluster hosted at the service provider or any other secured storage farm). Video is received at the OVS™ VSaaS data center; analyzed, scanned, recorded, and streamed to viewing interfaces of the system. As a VAS type product the core platform integrates seamlessly with billing and CRM systems as well as with SMSCs and similar platforms.
[3] Permitted end-users (using a safe SSL approach - username / password) can approach the OVS™ interface data center from any Web browser (from every occasional computer) or any 3G mobile phone (including Android and iPhone handsets) and view live broadcasting or recorded archived video stored in the system.

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