OVS™ Benefits & Features

Technological Key Benefits
Carrier-Grade Solution

The OVS™ system is a fully manageable VSaaS, reliable cluster platform with no single points of failure, oferred as a VAS product

Scalable grows system

OVS™'s VAS architecture platform enables to grow as client base grows (only add servers to the system cluster).

Plug and Play cameras support

OVS™ VSaaS platform supports compatible plug and play cameras, allowing fast and easy installation even by the most inexperienced users, in a true mass-market approach. OVS™ provides zero-configuration process, where cameras become active the moment they are turned-on, never requiring any maintenance on-site.

Reliable technology

OVS™ VAS platform utilizes two patent-pending key technologies:

Distributed media processing core – enables the solution to efficiently distribute the processing tasks over the physical server resources on-demand, in a load-balanced and fault-tolerant fashion.

Clustered storage volume –combines the local storage devices of the physical servers into a centrally secured, fault-tolerant storage volume, able to scale on-demand and provide high-speed access to the stored media



Service oriented solution

As a pure SaaS solution, there is no need for costly equipment on site. This RVMaaS platform provides surveillance and monitoring are transformed into on-line ongoing services, affordable for mass-market subscribers. VAS product logic allows for smooth inetgration with Billing and CRM platforms.

Central Offsite Video Storage

OVS™ video content is located on a secure, scalable and reliable storage cluster platform. This platform stores video content data from unlimited sources, and allows remote access to multiple account profiles, and helps to create a sticky VAS service for operators.

Media formats

OVS™ media processing core efficiently distributes processing tasks over the physical servers in a load-balanced approach.

Anywhere and anytime accessibility

OVS™ as a VSaaS solution is accessible via any Web browser, mobile phone (including Android and iPhone handsets), or tablet PC.

SMS and Email Alerts

OVS™ provides real time video motion detection (VMD) and sends alerts via push messages, SMS and email, an added bonus for VAS operators.

User-friendly Interface

OVS™ MVaaS web interface is intuitive and accessible to the users with any level of computer knowledge and experience - from beginning home users to experienced system administrators.