OVS™ is a Web based video surveillance solution (VSaaS), which intelligently stores and manages video content originating from IP and analogue cameras over IP networks; it transforms the existing monitoring products into a real commodity type monthly fee MVaaS service, designated for the mass markets; and drastically lowers the initial and operational costs of providing surveillance.

OVS™ offers distributors an opportunity to penetrate the managed surveillance market, and to offer NeoVSP™'s, carrier-grade, VAS type, hosted, video surveillance technology (RVMaS) both to service providers such as: Telco-ISP companies, monitoring companies, and large scale projects, and to particular projects as a comprehensive enterprise solution.

OVS™ business model allows the distributors to earn new recurring income while offering carrier-grade solution designated for mass markets to its business partners.

Solution description


 NeoVSP™ enables a Win-Win scenario for service providers:

NeoVSP™ offers operators such as telecom & ISP providers, monitoring companies, large integrators, a full white-label, VAS brand package. B2B partners may offer the OVS™ technology platform as a white-label, re-branded product for their subscribers. The OVS™ package includes:

• Solution platform
• Full marketing package (white-label, re-branded product, professional website, marketing materials)
• Back office managing system

These features create a plug-and-play solution for operators.
OVS™ VAS solution allows operators to penetrate new markets, immediately positioning themselves miles ahead, by offering an enterprise-grade surveillance solution, enlarging product lines, strengthening client-business relations, and earning new recurring income. OVS™ scalability allows users to start small and expand their systems as their demand grows. OVS™ allows operators to:

• Offer a new innovative service, on demand
• Create scalable-growth recurring income
• Gain customer dependency

OVS™ platform can be added over existing infrastructures, instantly making it a time-to-market solution.

Carrier-grade technology

All video data and application are stored in multiple off-site servers cluster in order to prevent point of fail and assure high reliability and records availability.

Mass market solution

A combination of innovate, low monthly service fee, minimum hardware on site and standard internet infrastructure, makes OVS™ affordable and available for the mass markets' needs.

High long term revenues

OVS™ scalable solution is expanding your product line, enabling your customers to approach new markets, and to increase your monthly revenues.

Enhance your services line

OVS™ is whole ready-to-use advanced technology platform that can be simply added to existing services basket portfolio in order to broaden and to penetrate new markets.

Scalable growth

Grow on demand by simply adding more servers to your OVS™ platform cluster as your B2B partner expands.

White label rebrand product

OVS™ operators receive complete re-brand package include system platform and full marketing package, transforming into web surveillance producers instantly.

Advanced technology

OVS™ distributors always maintain the latest technology.

Maximum Security

OVS™ provides visual alarm as instantly response to relevant events, sending alerts by SMS/MMS/Email saving operation costs and time getting watchman on site, enhance security service SLA.

Simple installation

OVS™ simple plug&play installation requires only network IP cameras and an Internet broadband connection on the client site.