Service Providers

NeoVSP™, Global leaders in VSaaS technology, brings the concept of video surveillance to the internet, provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. NeoVSP™ offers a carrier-grade RVMaS solution as a managed commodity VAS service to telecom/ISP, monitoring companies, and integrators, for their customers. NeoVSPs™ leading guideline is to offer innovative, secured technology that is user-friendly and affordable for mass market needs.



OVS™ is a carrier-grade platform technology, provided as monthly service for mass market. Telecom/ISP operators using OVS™ are next-generation SaaS providers of video surveillance solutions. 



NeoVSP™ offers distributors to penetrate the managed surveillance market, and to offer OVS™, a carrier-grade, surveillance as a service technology to operators such as: Telco-ISP companies, monitoring companies, and large scale projects.


IT Integrators

NeoVSP™ offers its IT Integrators to penetrate the managed surveillance market , and to offer a carrier-grade, Surveillance as a Service. This service can be distributed to mass markets, or applied to specific projects with B2B partners, such as Telecom/ISP and monitoring companies.



Monitoring Companies

NeoVSP™ allows monitoring companies to transform their existing monitoring products into a carrier-grade, hosted video managed surveillance service MVaaS (Managed Video as a Service) solution. OVS™ operators penetrate new untapped markets and increase their existing customer revenues.