VSaaS Solution Providers

  • Telecom/ISP

    OVS™ is a carrier-grade VAS solution, provided as monthly service for mass market. Telecom companies and ISPs using OVS™ can offer next-generation VSaaS (Video Security as a Service) to their customers, increasing ARPU and decreasing churn.

  • Monitoring Companies

    OVS™ allows monitoring companies to offer their customers a low cost verified response which is hosted and very easy to install. OVS™ is an MVaaS (managed video as a service) solution which allows CMSs to penetrate new untapped markets and increase their existing customer revenues while reducing customer defection.

  • IT Integrators

    NeoVSP™ empowers IT Integrators to penetrate the managed video surveillance as a service market, and to offer an enterprise-grade, hosted, Managed  video surveillance  as a service (VSaaS). This service can be distributed to mass markets, or applied to specific projects with business partners, such as Telecom/ISP and monitoring companies.

  • Distributors

    NeoVSP™ allows distributors to penetrate the managed video surveillance as service market (MVaaS), and offer OVS™, a carrier-grade, hosted, video surveillance technology to service providers such as, Telco-ISP companies, monitoring companies, and large scale projects.


Expand Your CORE Business With VSaaS

             OVS™ Online Video Surveillance as a Service!

NeoVSP™ is a leading provider of carrier-grade Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance or VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solutions, designed for Telco & ISP providers, monitoring companies and large IT integrators.

The OVS™ (Online Video Surveillance) cloud solution is a VSaaS platform that intelligently stores and manages video content from IP and analog cameras and efficiently delivers content to multiple user devices such as web browsers, mobile phones and media sets. OVS™  now supports iPhone and Android smart-phones allowing you to offer a full service range. 

OVS™ is a lucrative VAS solution that enables the service providers to penetrate the surveillance business markets and transform existing monitoring products into real managed video as a service (MVaaS), affordable to the mass market.